Will I have a family doctor at the WNCHC?

When an applicant is offered primary care services, he/she is assigned to a primary care provider (either a nurse practitioner* or physician). This assignment is based on complexity of care requirements. 

* A nurse practitioner (NP) is a nurse that has received additional training to diagnose and treat common health problems. The NP offers a wide range of health care services such as ordering and interpreting diagnostics tests, communicating diagnoses, prescribing medications and referring to specialists. Nurse practitioners work collaboratively with members of the team and may consult with our physicians if required.

Will my appointments always be with the same provider at the WNCHC?

In order to ensure continuity of care, the WNCHC will try to book your appointments with your primary care provider. On occasion, you may be assessed by another provider (if no appointments available with your own provider, vacation, etc.) The other NP or physician offering the care will have access to your complete medical history and your primary care provider will be able to access the notes from that clinical visit.

Since the WNCHC provides a multidisciplinary team approach, you may also see other members of the care team, such as dietitian, case manager, nurse or registered respiratory therapist.

Is the WNCHC a walk-in clinic?

No, the WNCHC is not a walk-in clinic.  Primary care and support services are provided only to clients registered with the WNCHC. Registered clients need to make an appointment to see a primary care provider.

Does the WNCHC offer extended hours?

Yes. The WNCHC is opened from 7:00 am to 8:00pm on Wednesdays.  Please refer to the Hours of Operation section of the website for the full schedule.

Does the WNCHC offer same day appointments?

Yes. In order to meet our clients’ needs and to prevent emergency room visits, the WNCHC providers have a block of appointments set aside daily for clients needing to be seen on same day. When unable to provide same day appointment, the call will be redirected to one of our registered nurses who will provide guidance as to the most appropriate course of action.

What happens if I am hospitalized?

The primary care providers at the WNCHC do not provide care to clients while in hospital. Hospital physicians provide that care. If you are hospitalized, we want you to make an appointment with your provider within 7 days of hospital discharge.

What happens if I miss an appointment?

It is possible that an emergency or other obligation is preventing you from attending an appointment at the WNCHC. We ask that you call as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule. In order to manage appointments and scheduling efficiently, the WNCHC is asking all clients to provide 24 hours’ notice if unable to attend an appointment. This allows us to offer the appointment to another client in need of care.

Our policy on missed appointments may lead to discharge from the WNCHC after 3 consecutive no show appointments.

Do I have to pay for parking?

There is no charge for parking at the WNCHC clinic. Clients are encouraged to use the front entrance (Michaud Street) to access the reception area.

If I am a client at the WNCHC, can I access community health promotion programs?

Yes. Community programs are available to ALL residents of West Nipissing.  The primary care team works closely with members of the Community Health Promotion team to provide and support programs that aims at maintaining wellness and preventing illness.

Do I need my Health Card?

Please bring your health card at every appointment. The receptionist will document your health card number and expiry date. You must contact the OHIP office prior to expiry date if you haven’t received your renewal documents (Service Ontario Infoline 1-866-532-3161).  Please advise our reception when you have received a new card and of any change of address or telephone number.

How will my medications be renewed?

It is not always necessary for you to make an appointment to renew your medications. If you do not require an appointment and a medication requires renewal, please call your pharmacy and have them fax the renewal request to your provider (fax 705-753-5387). You will receive a call to book an appointment if your provider needs to see you before renewing the prescription.  Please ensure to allow 2 weeks’ notice prior to medication renewal to ensure you do not miss any doses or run out of medication.

 **You are encouraged to bring your medication containers to all appointments.